With Channel 9s The Block 2020 being 5 relocated houses in Brighton Victoria.

You may think why not, or is this for me.

They make it look so easy, through out the tears it all comes together in the end and looks amazing with great uplift value.


Choosing the right block of land.

Is it choosen by price or area.

Research your ideal place to buy, live or invest.  It often comes down to price point.


House Relocation can be very cost effective. While much quicker than the  traditional build process.

You still need council approvals which can be the slowest part of the process.

A reputable house relocation company is key.

If they want a huge deposit be wary.

Many companies have a range of houses on their books. You should be able to visit them to see if they suit you purposes.

If you see houses for sale advertised as house only, buyer needs to organise relocation. Yet they still want $50,000 they will run you way over budget.


You need to fulfill all the legal requirements, building and planning regulations.

We can help you with contacts to find a house, look at your land choices or advise on getting the works done for your certificate of occupancy.

Contact myself or Russell by email:

Phone: 048818 5500, 040760 2655.

Find us on Instagram:  @Boost Hidden Potential Renos

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