We have relocated a number of houses usually due to price on our property journey.

Remember the banks won’t loan for the relocatable house. So you need to plan for this.

For our first relocatable we took out a loan to buy the land, we sold our principle residence for the funding to buy the relocatable and complete the renovation.

On the current relocatable house site, there was a miners cottage that was being eaten alive by termites. At a price we couldn’t pass up.

We were hoping to renovate the 1900’s cottage but it was in such bad shape we had it demolished. It was on a period street in a regional town, to build a period house quotes were very expensive being around $450k.

So having relocated a house previously we decided to relocate again.
Our total spend should be around $300k including land and completed 1920’s 4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom cottage setup as an Airbnb. Giving us between $25k to $30k positive income per annum. With this property we will be on our way to working parttime with just helping clients as they need it.

We have learn’t lots and would love to help anyone else that may be daunted by it all. There are rules and regulations that need to be followed.

I was listening to a property developer a few weeks ago saying House Relocation was very costly, almost the same as a new build. I think he was trying to convince his audience too his way of thinking. So take care.

Using a great reputable House Relocator is essential, the one we used has his builders license so he knows the rules and limits to what a building can cope with during its move.
He was the House Relocator that was used on Channel 9’s The Block 2020.

We are also working with clients giving advise as they need it on their current projects.

If you want help or just information for Renovation, House Relocation or preparation to sell your current property we are available on
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